Update on the Steering Committee on Canada’s Archives (SCCA)

The Steering Committee on Canada’s Archives (SCCA) was established in spring 2016 to act on priorities identified in “Canada’s Archives – A New Blueprint” and to build on the work of the Canadian Archival System Working Group.

Since its launch, SCCA has met in-person in June and October 2016 and has also held several teleconferences.  SCCA has established three taskforces to act in key priority areas:


Jacinthe Duval (Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec) and Heather Gordon (City of Vancouver) have been appointed as taskforce co-leads.  This taskforce will focus on ensuring that both the public and decision-makers understand the value and importance of archives and will explore the creation of a national advocacy strategy and tools that can be used by archives and archivists across Canada.  This taskforce recently selected its members and is currently working on identifying priorities and developing a project charter.


Erica Hernández-Read (University of Northern British Columbia) has been appointed as taskforce lead.

The Taskforce will conduct a review of archival policies and best practices existent across the country and identify potential barriers to reconciliation efforts between the Canadian archival community and Indigenous record keepers. With such a review in hand, the Taskforce will then work in collaboration with Indigenous  communities  to create an actionable response to this research which will become the foundation for a reconciliation framework for Canadian archives. A project charter and an action plan have already been developed, and an activity update report was shared on Arcan-L earlier this month.


Patricia Forget (Université du Québec en Outaouais) and Kathryn Harvey (University of Guelph) have been appointed as taskforce co-leads.  This taskforce will seek to develop a better understanding of the current and future archives workforce, by exploring linkages between archival education programs offered by universities and colleges, and the challenges experienced by workplace practitioners.  This taskforce recently selected its members and is currently working on the development of a project charter and work plan.


As of February 1, 2017, Fred Farrell (Council of Provincial and Territorial Archivists) agreed to become the new SCCA Chair, replacing Lara Wilson (Canadian Council of Archives), who will continue to serve as a regular member of SCCA.  We thank Lara for her work over the past year.

Luciana Duranti and Jim Suderman have replaced Kathryn Harvey and Duncan Grant as representatives for the Association of Canadian Archivists.  Ms. Harvey will continue to work with SCCA as a taskforce co-lead and we wish Mr. Grant the very best for his retirement.

For any questions on SCCA, please contact Fred Farrell at: Fred.Farrell@gnb.ca.

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