Members at Large

Martine Cardin

Tenured Professor, Department of historical sciences, Laval University

At Laval University, Ms. Cardin is a tenured professor, Director of undergraduate archival science programs, Director of the master’s in archival science history as well as Director of the integrated bachelor’s in historical and heritage science studies (BISHEP).

Ms. Cardin is interested in the theoretical and practical basis of archival science. In particular, she is interested in the processes through which historical, information and organizational sciences influence the design, purpose and methods of document management. Her work specifically concerns the design and utilisation of archives. It was with this in mind that she pursued research on the upheavals caused by the IT revolution on the definition of archives and their creation, utilisation and conservation conditions in a digital environment. This was also behind her participation as co-researcher in the InterPARES2 research group, in which she led the thematic team working on the production and maintenance or archival documents. For the past several years, she has been researching the governance and strategic positioning of archival systems in the digital age.

Kim Lawson

Reference Librarian, Xwi7xwa Library, University of British Columbia

Ms. Lawson is from the Heiltsuk Nation of British-Columbia (BC). Prior to joining the University of British-Columbia (UBC), she worked as the Archivist/Librarian for the Union of BC Indian Chiefs Resource Centre. Her MLIS research looked at First Nations Perspectives on archives, libraries and museums.

Currently, Ms. Lawson is a Reference Librarian at the Xwi7xwa Library (pronounced “Whei-wha”), at UBC. 

Lawson, K. L. (2004, November 24). Precious fragments : First Nations materials in archives, libraries and museums (T). Retrieved from

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