Funding for an information portal on competence profiles for information professionals

The Steering Committee on Canada’s Archives (SCCA) is pleased to share the news that the Professional Skills Working Group of the Association pour l’avancement des sciences et des technologies de la documentation (ASTED) recently received a grant of $22,000 from the Quebec Ministry of Culture and Communications for creating an information portal on the competence profiles of information professionals.

The SCCA’s Archival Workforce Working Group, which is collaborating with the Professional Skills Working Group, will indirectly benefit from this grant, as it will allow a human resource specialist to validate the archival and records management competence profiles. These profiles will then be disseminated on the future portal as well as the SCCA website.

This collaboration has already yielded an online survey, allowed primary data processing, and provided access to a group of experts where all professional associations are represented.

Finally, the Professional Skills Working Group invites you to help them establish an outline of the main tasks of information specialists.  To participate, please complete this survey by May 18, 2018:  Exploratory survey on the tasks of information specialists

Luciana Duranti & Cédric Champagne
Co-Chairs, Steering Committee on Canada’s Archives

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